So Cute! Lincoln - Victoria

Slow Magic Doll Giraffage Giraffage Slow Magic, Bollywood Life, and Giraffage So Cute! Bollywood Life Slow Magic Bunk Dream Angel Dream Angel Slow Magic Slow Magic Running Slow Magic running Dream Angel sleep Dream Angel sleep Giraffage and Slow Magic Slow Magic Dream Angel Dream Angel Slow Magic Giraffage and Slow Magic
Lincoln, NE : 1-2. Before the show // 3. Giraffage // 4-5. After the show

Denver, CO : 6. Bollywood Life opening // 7. Slow Magic playing Dream Angel’s song

8. Dream Angel’s bunk in Salt Lake City

Boise, ID : 9-10. Dream Angel at the Modern hotel // 11. Slow Magic’s set // 12-13. Slow Magic backstage // 14-15. Dream Angel resting after the show

16. Giraffage and Slow Magic in Bellingham, WA

Vancouver, BC : 17-19. Slow Magic and Dream Angel after waking up

Victoria, BC : 20. Slow Magic before the encore // 21. Giraffage and Slow Magic

- Dream Angel


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