Sunday Manhattan

I know that a first post should be some sort of introduction rather than an update but I find introductions to be a little unnatural and every attempt that I have made at writing one has sounded like this:

"My name is Dream Angel. I make music and tour with electronic music producer Slow Magic. This is my travel blog that will focus on the 'how' of traveling as well as a variety of other topics."

Rather than dragging that out into a full post, I feel like an update would be a little bit more interesting, so I am going to do that instead.

At the moment, I am in an Uber on my way to the airport. After having spent a short time back at our apartment, we are flying to NYC for a few days. Being back at home was so nice and relaxing that it was a little hard to get ready for this trip. I put off packing up until the very last moment and when I did start I wasn't quite sure what to bring. I have been packing for festivals so often lately that I forgot what I usually like to wear... That being said, I did manage to pack and I am quite excited to spend time in the city. I have only been back once since I moved earlier this year, so the list of things I want to do is quite long. I'll share it with you soon, or as much of it as I get to!

Also, if anyone does happen to read this... if you know of anything cool that is going on in the city, do tell, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

- Dream Angel



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